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FMC-Fousekis Marble Consulting P.C.

FMC-FOUSEKIS MARBLE CONSULTING P.C. was founded in Athens on July 2020. The main pillars of the company are the dynamism and honesty of its owners which in combination with their knowledge, technical training and passion for marble, have contributed to the creation and continuous development of the company.

Based on their long experience in the marble industry, in both manufacturing and export worldwide, FMC have won the trust of its customers and started exporting to more than 15 countries in Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, China and the Balkans, developing at the same time its entrepreneurship in the domestic market.

Our target is the continuous improvement of production quality, the detailed quality control (QC) and the after sales support offering advices and practices to achieve our customers’ expectations.




FMC-Fousekis Marble Consulting P.C.

TEL: +30 211 41 83 346




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